Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hey pups!  I finally convinced my typist to take a break from gardening and post some of the pawsome pictures of the birds she has taken lately.

We have been having some weird weather.  For a few nights the temperature was getting down to 1 C and then warming up to 20 C during the day.  Luckily nothing froze in the garden with the temperature getting that low during the night.

So before I let mom get back out in her garden, I insist on going for a walk.  She has been taking her camera along just in case a photo opportunity turns up.

Sometimes you don't have to leave the house, though, in order to find a good photo op!
Cooper's Hawk
Mom looked out the kitchen window one evening and there was this Cooper's Hawk just hanging out near the bird feeder.  A Cooper's Hawk is one of the smaller hawks around here.  We are used to seeing the much bigger hawks, and don't see this one all that much.

The next morning, mom is making coffee and see looks out the kitchen window and sees this fella watching her.
It is always a pleasure to see the Robin's around.  We think there is a nest close by, but so far have not found it. 

Yesterday morning we went on a very nice long walk.  Mom was determined to try and get a picture of the eagle sitting on its nest.
The Eagle sitting on its nest!
We are still not seeing any babies in the nest, but we couldn't get real close as this eagle's mate started dive bombing us and we thought we should retreat.
This Eagle kept an Eagle eye on us!
Well, I must go get ready for my morning walk and then it is another day out in the flowerbeds weeding and stuff.

Have a great day pups!


  1. Enjoy your walk Buddy!
    Love your photos! I have never even heard of a coopers hawk! Thanks for sharing!
    We have so many robins eating worms in your yard every day! They are pretty brave considering the stray kitties around my house!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. We had never seen a Cooper's hawk until last week when this guy was hanging out! We usually see the bigger hawks around our place. Lots of Robin's lately enjoying all those tasty earthworms at my place.

  2. All them burdies will likely dive bomb yu if yu get Too close to their eggies or babies!
    Watch out!
    There's a robin out in our green ash tree right now fussin up a storm. Hope nuthin is botherin it's nest. Grr.

    1. It has rained lots so mom won't be going near the eagle nest for a while. They sure were not happy to see us that last time we got close. Hope your robin is safe and that nothing is bothering it!

  3. Dat are cool ya got to see an eagle! We got lotsa burdz round here - momma likes da cardinals, da blue jays, and da mockingbirds best. I like barkin all of dem!

    1. Yeah, the eagle was cool! Wish we could see the babies! We have lots of sparrows, gold finches and Robin's lately around our place. I don't bark but just stare at them.

  4. Hi Buddy, your mom sure takes great pictures! Those are beautiful . We have the occasional hawk, but mostly bluejays and redbirds. They have a nest in our tree in the front yard.

    1. The birds are very cool and we are making sure the feeder has lots of feed so they keep coming around.

  5. Beautiful pics!

    I bet all the birdies were gone fur a while when that Hawk was nearby!

    Pawsome to have nesting Eagles!


    Sorry I wasn't around; our interwebs was kaput...sigh...

    1. Thanks Freckles! Mom is enjoying taking pictures with her new camera.

      We understand about the interweb thingy. The same goes on here every once in a while.