Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The warmer weather is finally here

Yeah for me as the warmer weather is finally here.  I don't know why I just said "yeah" because I don't like warm weather, it's the momma that likes the warm weather cause then she can plant the garden and stuff like that.

Of course the warmer weather means ticks:
Picture taken May 14, 2014
Yeah, every year mom starts collecting some ticks in a jar filled with alcohol.  She hopes it is painful for them to be swimming in alcohol.  Some ticks mom incinerates on the burner of the gas stove and some she flushes down the toilet.  Oh my goodness are the ticks bad this year!  On Saturday I was chewing my paws and the peeps kept looking at my feet and legs and could not find anything.  I kept on chewing and them mom felt between my toes!  OMD!  Between each toe on all my feet I had several ticks!  All mom could say was that it was very disturbing.  Disturbing  because I am being treated with Advantix but I think we just have too many ticks for it to be effective.
Same tick jar last night.

Because of all the ticks mom is trying to find inventive ways to keep me out of them when we go for our walks.  One thing she thought of was this:
Me styling with my knapsack on!
So mom puts some water bottles in the knapsack, she likes to make me work BOL, and then we head off for the walk.  It works because I am usually quite tired after our morning walks when I have that thing on.  By the way, I hate that thing!!!

I much prefer to be able to run free
On patrol in the neighbor's orchard
It is hard to be on patrol when one is wearing a big, clunky knapsack.  Mom says I do look good in it, but I certainly hope none of my pals see me wearing it!

We still see lots of interesting things on our walks:
That is one big moose!
Now how can something that leaves a print that big be so hard to find?  Mom has only seen the moose in our area a couple times, but we often see its prints.

Of course spring means the neighbor's are gonna start working in the fields.
I like watching the neighbor's work, BOL!

We have been seeing lots of birds at the feeder.
Cute but messy eaters!
Sometimes our bird feeder attracts other things than birds.
Deer taking turns at the bird feeder
In case you are wondering, the wire around the fruit trees is to protect the trees from the deer eating them.  We have just not been able to get any trees started because they are ever so tasty to the deer and the rabbits.  Wrapping stucco wire around them until they can get established does seem to be working.
So cute yet so destructive!
Another sign of spring, that mom doesn't really like is this.
Burning stubble.
Some farmers like to burn off the stubble in the field from the year before.  Its eerie to look out your window at  night and see this.

Well pups, hope everyone has a wonderful day.


  1. EEEEEEK!!!!!!!! That is a lot of ticks!!!!!! Holy Dog!!!!!
    I have never seen so many!
    I don't even know what to say about that! Wah!
    Poor Buddy! Good thing your mom found them!

    Otherwise, beautiful photos! I love deer, we don't see many around here, as we are partially in the city. But I love going for a drive through the country and seeing them hopping through the fields!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Thanks for coming by! Mom likes the deer but wishes they weren't so destructive to the trees we are trying to grow.

      Mom also has no words for the amount of ticks we have this year.

  2. Die dum ticks, die! Stoopid icky things.
    We are gettin lots o' burdies round here. A robin family has a nest in one of the front lilacs. Mommy could reach up an touch it, an she's short. The parents had a fit when Mommy wuz trimmin an Daddy wuz mowin.
    Do yu think yur fruit trees will Efur get outta their cages? The deers will still be able to stand on the trunk an reach up to eat the fruit. *sigh*
    Too bad the farmers still burn stubble. So many uther ways that are better for the soil.
    Have a tick-free day Buddy!

    1. We are hoping the trees can come out of their cages before too long. This learning curve has been expensive and painful for the peeps. We have replanted those fruit trees a number of times. Time will tell.

      Momma just pulled a big old tick off of my ear, but thanks for wishing me a tick-free day!

    2. Now Mommy is all itchy thinkin she's got ticks crawlin on her. She wuz outside pullin grass out frum unner sum current bushes.

    3. Mom was sitting here typing, felt something on the back of her neck, and there was a tick. He has had a burial at sea!

  3. Ok, is the yeller burds American Goldfinches? An whut is the grayish burd?

    1. Zoe, growlmy says thats likely the female goldfinch, they are not as bright! What?? BOL! Or it may be a sparrow.

    2. Uh, wuz that sum kinda crack? Yu better hope that's a sparrow!

    3. The yellow ones are most likely goldfinches. The grayish brown one is either a sparrow or a swallow. Hard to tell without seeing the wings.

      Um, I think Freckles meant that the female birdies are always less colorful than the male birdies. Right, Freckles!

    4. That Freckles is tryin to stir up trubble!
      I vote sparrow. Din't look like a female goldfinch an we've never seen swallows (gulp) that look like that.


    5. That brown one is a Sparrow. The yellow ones are VERY pretty. Shame they're not too bright!! Crikey Freckles .... did I fall into your trap, AGAIN!!

    6. Um...I furgotted you are a beautiful and bright lady pup...with those bright flashing blinking fluttering lashes to go so well with them...
      Um...well, nevfurmind...sometimes us dudes are good at messing up even if'n we don't mean to.
      Growlmy says she took a good look at that middle bird and it is a sparrow, check the beak, it is a seed eater, swallow birds eat flying bugs.

      BOL, Charlie!

      Furgive me Zoe! Pawlease?? With Cheese??!

    7. That comment was meant mostly fur you, Zoe, cause Buddy is a dude, BOL! OMD I am so messed up tonight...

    8. BOL, Charlie and Freckles! I won't say anymore as I don't want the beautiful and sparkly Zoe to get mad at me!

      Yes, mom put on her glasses and took a closer look and definitely a sparrow.

    9. I know yu guys are jus a funnin with me.

      Come on ofur here fur a group hug.
      Now be nice!


  4. That is one ugly load of ticks...YUCK!

    You might try neem oil.citronella oil for dogs. There is a product made by
    That we use here sometimes.

    Those ticks travel on critters like the deer and the rabbits, among others,and they drop off, looking for a new place to feast from...aka Buddy! UGH:(

    I hope those things learn they are not welcome...
    I do not think I would like a backpack either...

    Have a fun day!

    1. Mom has tried a spray that has citronella and a few other things in it. It is sold as a natural tick spray for dogs and cats. Guess it doesn't work. So mom asked on Facebook for a different DIY remedy and she got a recipe for something made with vinegar so now I smell like a french fry. The jury is out if that is working. Mom just pulled another tick off of me! Oh well.

      Hopefully this tick season is over soon!

    2. Crikey Buddy ..... we had a TERRIBLE tick season here too. Our ticks are DEADLY ..... they are paralysis ticks and they KILL dogs in 3 days if not discovered after about the first day. Mum's tried all sorts of natural remedies and has finally found one that works. An old bushie put her onto it. He found that his dogs NEVER got ticks or fleas while all his neighbours dogs did. His dogs swam in his dam which was surrounded by tea trees and he thought that may have been why. Mum bought some tea tree oil and mixes it with water and sprays it on me whenever we go anywhere that I might come into contact with ticks. So far I have NEVER had one on me. No fleas either!! My cousin Murphy used to get ticks all the time and he now gets rinsed after every bath with a tea tree rinse and he's been tick free since. Mind you not all dogs can tolerate it. Mum burnt our Lucy's tummy pretty bad. She was allergic to tea tree oil. Try a little area first. I don't know if you can get it over there but I'm sure you could get it on the internetty thingoe. Gotta keep those things off you, mate ...... they are Yuckier than Yuck!!!!!! Tea tree oil is great for lots of things ..... it does smell pretty crook but you do get used to it.

    3. Tea tree oil is great...it can even eventually destroy fungus on the skin and other infections.
      Smell isn't that bad. We can get it over here, growlmy always keeps a bottle handy. We even have shampoo and toothpaste fur peeps with that in it!
      What about eucalyptus oil? Growlmy uses that herself to take the itch out of bites. Not sure if it works for repellant use, though. That stuff is really pungent!
      ( Don't use these things on kitties, though...they have way different reactions to things...check with a vet first.)

    4. Yup, mom has tea tree oil and uses it on insect bites, scratches etc. She doesn't think the smell is that bad. She has one question though. Mom read that tea tree oil is a neurotoxin to dogs so it should not be used on them because they may ingest it. But you seem fine, Charlie and you have been using it.

      Like I said above, mom made a spray with vinegar and water she also put in a small amount of canola and several drops of eucalyptus essential oil. She has been spraying that on me and her and today we didn't have that many ticks. Mom still pulled two off of me, but two is better than the large number she had been removing. Maybe that spray is working!

      Mom also heard ticks don't like the smell of peppermint. Any other pup know anything about this.

    5. Mum only puts about 10 drops of tea tree oil in about 1 litre of water. She does put eucalyptus oil in as well. She uses more eucalyptus. She just tips some in so she doesn't know how much. Ishe LOVES eucalyptus oil. Uses it for everything. It will kill fleas and get gum out of hair, carpet etc. AND lots of other uses too. I haven't died yet and I get sprayed regularly. Don't drink it though ... Gotta be better than advantix.

    6. Yeah, yu always wanna use essential oils in a carrier base. Sweet almond oil could be used too an it's not too greasy. But 'cept fur lavender e.o., it can be used "straight".
      Haven't heard that bout peppermint, Buddy, but maybe yur Mom could mix the tea tree an peppermint. Get a real wild smellin mix!
      I've heard yu don't wanna let kitty cats get tea tree oil on them or lick it offa a doggie. They are very sensitive that way.

    7. Charlie, do you get sprayed everytime you go outside? Mom has been spraying me in the morning, but that doesn't seem to be enough. She thinks maybe I need to be sprayed everytime I go outside.

      People do keep telling mom that peppermint oil also works for ticks, so she will probably give that a try.

      Should be interesting to find out what peppermint and tea tree oil smell like together!

  5. Hey, yu pupses!! Jus' wissen tu yurselbes. Yu r all a disgwace tu da Engwish wanguage! (BOLBOLBOLBOLBOLBOL :D)

    Yeah, ticks r no fun. I gedded my furst one a coupla yeers 'go when we wented a cabin fur a week in dose Pocono mountains in Pencilbania, US. Momma fwipped hur wid an' den da bet pudded me on auntie biotix an' sended da tick 'way fur testin'. It all werkded out ebentuawwy, bud I weally hope yu can find sumfing dat r gonna werk fur yu, Buddy. I r cwossin' my paws fur yu, dood! *crosses paws. Trips* Oooops!

    1. The ticks are so bad this year Zaidie. Mom is ready to try just about anything to keep them off of her and me. We will let you know what works.