Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Stinkin' Good Dog Treats

It has been a sad week with the passing of my dear pals, Coco Rose and Charlie.  If Dogster was working, I could put a picture of them here, but as it is not, I am hoping most of my pals here know who I am talking about.

Now I know Coco Rose was a cookie monster!  She never met a cookie she didn't like.  I am sure that Charlie also liked cookies.

So my typist decided she should make some doggie cookies in honor of my pals.  Actually, daddy found this recipe a while ago, but the typist finally tried it today. 

Anywhoodle, I am gonna sit back while you watch this video:
Stinkin' Dog Treats.

Pawsome video don't you think!  So the typist got to work prepping the sweet potato and making the oat flour.  Then she combined the sardines and the peanut butter and got a really smelly dough.
Even uncooked this smelled bad!
The typist then cut out the cookies
I wish the typist had used the cat cookie cutter, BOL!
Then the typist put them in the oven.  As they were baking the smell of the sardines permeated the house.  When something smells like that, you just know they are gonna be tasty!  After the 40 minutes of baking, the typist put lots of fish sauce on them and then placed them back in the turned off oven to harden up.
Inspecting the cookies when they came out of the oven
Boy, did they smell great, but I had to wait for them to cool before I could sample one.

Here is the written recipe that you pups can print out and present to your peeps so that you can also try these pawsome cookies.  Stinkin Dog Treat Recipe

After they were cooled I finally got to sample one those cookies.
These are awesome cookies!
Pups I am insisting that all of my pals get their peeps to make these cookies as they are wonderful. 

I think I will eat another cookie in honor of my dear pals, Coco Rose and Charlie.


  1. Dang, Buddy! I think I smelled those cookies this mornin! The wind wuz outta the north, frum up yur way!
    Good idea to eat a cookie in honor of CoRo an Charlie.
    Mommmmmyy! I needa cookie!

    1. BOL! I have no doubt you smelled them Idunno! Hope your momma makes you some.

  2. Crikey .... bet your kitchen smelled good for ages after that. I'm a'reckoning that CocoRose and Charlie could smell them right up there at the bridge and I also reckon they might just sneak down when no-one's lookin' and have themselves a taste. I'd be counting those cookies if I were you!! That CocoRose sure was one for cookies, aye?

    1. The kitchen and the whole house smelled like sardines. It was wonderful and I really liked it. Mom wasn't as thrilled, BOL. Yeah, CocoRose loved her cookies.

  3. Just heard about Charlie, had not heard about CocoRose. Was just on there and saw another dear friend made her journey to the Bridge yesterday, Delilah Happy Girl, who joins her mom in Heaven. What a wonderful idea to make some doggie cookies in their honor. What a coincidence, I just made my first dog cookies today, they were a cinnamon apple dog biscuit with oats and wheat four. Your recipe sounds like something my pack would really like! Going to have to try that one too, if you like it Buddy it has to be good!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    Teresa, KJ, Rain & Dozer

    1. Sad to hear about Delilah Happy Girl. We hope her and her mommy have had a joyous reunion at the Bridge. The cookies you made also sound good!

  4. Hooray, no wheat! Maybe when growlmy doesn't have to go to work and on an open window day we could be doing us some baking. Will the kitties want some too, on account of the fish? BOL!

    I shall gobble up a lot in honor of my pals who have new nests in the Rainbow Bridge spaces. A lot of kitties are new there, too...

    1. You know Freckles, I don't see why the kitties couldn't have them. They would love the fish in them. Momma and daddy tried some last night and even they said they tasted better than they thought they would!

    2. I think so too, Mmmm! If I let them, BOL!

      Growlmy try too sure about that...

  5. Hi Buddy, I am not entirely sure of who you are referring to. I haven't been able to get on dogster much lately as the site will not let me in. I am sorry for the loss of your friends, and my thoughts are with you and the family.
    Those doggy cookies look great, and stinky! haha!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. Coco Rose was a smart talking, cookie loving Shih Tzu. She was queen of all she saw and had her furbro Puffy under her paw. Poor Puff is now so lost without his sister.

    Charlie was a very sweet poodle cross that spent 17 wonderful years with a pawsome momma. He went to sleep on Monday dreaming about bones, and belly rubs and quietly crossed to the Bridge that night.

    The cookies are wonderful. Even the peeps tried them and liked them.