Monday, 21 July 2014

Helping Mom in the Garden

Well pups, the weather has finally turned warmer and I am helping the momma in the garden.  Lots of things are starting to grow good in the garden and the flower beds are even looking not too bad.
Mom is growing tomatillos for the first time and she is quite excited!
Mom likes to try different things in the garden every year.  This year is tomatillos, okra, and celery.
First tomato of the season!
The tomatoes are just starting to produce fruit.  Mom is making sure to fertilize them and she even talks to them to encourage them to grow.  Yup, she gets a little loopy in the warm weather, BOL!
Would you believe last year we had only 5 zucchini's!  That won't be a problem this year.  This year anyone that comes to our place better lock their car doors, or they will be leaving with a bunch of zucchini!

Like I said, even the flower beds are looking not too bad.
Bell Flower?
Ok, pups, mom thinks this is a Bell Flower.  Is she right?
That is mom's favorite flower and it is called Veronica.  Angel Abby used to always dig a nice spot for herself behind this plant and watch mom work in the yard from that vantage point.  One year it took mom 3 wheelbarrows full of dirt to fill in the spot Abby had dug for herself!
Tiger Lily
Did you know that the  Tiger Lily is the official flower for our province of Saskatchewan!?  It is a protected species in Saskatchewan so don't mess with it!

We are still going on lots of walks.  Thankfully the tick population seems to be going down a bit.

On one recent walk we went down to the river.
Looking across the river
The river is still running quite swiftly and the water level is still very high.
Looking upstream
It was a very quiet day down at the river.  Not even a pelican was seen!
Looking downstream
We hardly have any shore this year.  The water level should starting going down in the near future.

After walking around down at the river we came back up the riverbank to continue our walk.
Looking across the river at a canola crop in full bloom
Then we walked through our neighbor's fields.
Winter Wheat
The winter wheat is just starting to turn golden at the top.  A few more weeks and it can be harvested.
Neighbor's Canola Crop
Our neighbor's canola crop is just starting to bloom.  Soon it will be all yellow like the one across the river.  Once the pods are ripe it will be harvested.
Fun, Fun!
Of course, no walk is ever complete without stopping to roll in something absolutely disgusting.  Yeah me!

When I am not rolling in something horrible, I like to spend time with mom in the garden.  I do try to warn her about insects that might hurt her, but sometimes she just doesn't listen to me!
Ant bites.
Yup, apparently mom is very tasty to ants.  Who knew?

Right now there is one thing that is driving mom crazy in the garden and in the flower beds and in the yard in general.  I think she is about to go "Caddyshack" on me!
To quote Carl Shackler from "Caddyshack", "My enemy, my foe, is an animal. In order to conquer the animal, I have to learn to think like an animal. And, whenever possible, to look like one. I've gotta get inside this guy's pelt and crawl around for a few days."  This fella is driving mom nutzo!

Well that was my walk and what is happening in our world.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!
ME!!! Looking handsome as ever!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I think I won another Liebster Award

Pals, I think I have won another Liebster Award.  My pal Finley of Finley's Fables left a message in the comments of my last blog that said I won!  Yippee!!  When I go to Finley's page though, I don't see my name at the bottom.  That is ok though.  I see that Finley was nominated by Whitley of Whitley Westie so ya know what?  I am going answer Whitley's questions to Finley and Finley's questions to me!  Oh, this could be fun!

Liebster Award from Finley via Whitley!
Here are the rules:
1. Thank the pup that nominated you and link back to their blog.  
Thank you Finley and Whitley and the links to their blogs are above.

2. Answer the 10 questions posted by the blogger that  nominated you.
I will get to that.

3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the  award.
We will skip this part because we don't follow that many blogs yet and mom has been busy in the yard and not reading that many blogs at the present.  We do love all of the pals whose blogs we do read.

4. Create 10 question for your nominees to answer.
Well I am not nominating anyone, but I think I will try and think up some questions and if you want to answer them on your page please do!

So here are Finley's 10 Questions to me:
1. Do fireworks scare ya? No, fireworks don't scare me, but we live in the country and I have not been exposed to many fire works.

2. Do ya eat citrus? I do like the occasional piece of orange!

3. How far have ya travelled from home?  The furthest I have travelled is about 780 km from my home when we went visiting family. 

4. Do you like water? I love water!  Water is so much fun!  What is there to not love about water?

5. Do ya gets to sleep in da big bed with yer folks? No, I prefer to sleep on the floor.  I especially like to sleep beside the dryer in the mud room and if I lean on it just right and I can make it squeek like crazy.  This also drives the peeps crazy, BOL!

6. Do ya have a favorite person? I love everyone, but I think momma is my favorite!

7. Do ya like cats? (if ya is a pup)  & do ya like dogs?? (if ya is a cat) I do like cats, they don't seem to like me!

8. Do you like to wear clothes? The only clothes I have to wear is a snowsuit for winter.  I hate it!

9. Do ya sleep belly up? Belly up, belly down, on my side.  I sleep whatever way I want to!

10. Do ya like car rides?? I love car rides!  I do  not like being seatbelted in, though!

Now to answer Whitley's Question!
1.  Do your momma or daddy sing to you?  Mom sings something that starts "Buddy Wuddy Nuddy", jeepers don't get me started on her lame song.  I just shudder when she starts singing!
2.  Are you preparin for da zombie apocalypse?? Yes and we are ready for it!  Mom plays a lot of "Plants Vs. Zombies" and she just got her "Golden  Sunflower Award"!  That means she has survived 20 rounds of zombie attacks!  I am following the momma if we ever get attack by those zombies!

3.  Has ya ever killed a varmint?  Yes, I have!  I am an awesome hunter!  I caught a couple ground squirrels just the other day!  Tasty critters!

4.  What are your favorite game to play? I like to chase critters!  Oh, and I will play fetch.  Mom throws something, I run to get it and then I don't give it back! 

5.  What are your opinion on baffs? Why do we need baths?  What is wrong with the essence we have after we have rolled in some decaying creature!  I am proud of my stank after I have rolled in something disgusting!

 6.  Does ya have a special talent or trick? I can sniff out ticks!  I know when one is on me and I start chewing the spot where it is and there is always a tick.  Mom wonders if I could sniff out bed bugs, but she doesn't want to find any bed bugs for me try on!

7.  Do ya ever just bark and da peeps ain't got a clue why? Absolutely!  Confusing the peeps by barking at nothing is awesome and so much fun.

8.  Who are your bestest friend? Momma is my bestest friend and daddy, too!

9.  Do ya give kissies? I lubs to give kisses to everyone!  I am one big affectionate pup!

10.  What do your home smell like? Right now it smells like mud and wet dog because I was digging outside and then I decided to lounge in my pool.  Ain't wet dog smell the best?

Those are my answers to the questions and what pawsome questions they were!

So here are my 10 questions should anyone want to play!

1. Do you have any fursiblings and do you get along with them.
2. Do you get human food or doggie kibble.
3. Do you like fruit of any kind.
4. Do you like vegetables.
5. Are you subjected to toe nail clipping and brushing and other forms of torture.
6. Do you have a superhero costume that you like to wear.
7. Have you ever knocked over the Christmas tree or unwrapped something under it.
8. Do you like ice cream and how often do you get it.
9. Does you have to wear shoes of any kind.
10. Do  you drool a lot.

Thanks Finley and Whitley, this was a lot of fun!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Keeping Busy

Well pups mom has been keeping busy trying to keep the weeds down in the garden.  We have been getting a lot of rain lately and the weeds just love that.

Sky after one rain.  Some beautiful colors.

The best thing about all the rain is the MUD!!!  I love mud!!
What is not to love about mud!
Things are really starting to grow in the garden and once the weeds are all gone, mom might actually take a picture of the garden and  post it here.   For now, all she will post is the picture of the big rhubarb plant we have.
Anybody want some rhubarb?

Of course the rain does make the flowers look pretty as well.
Bleeding Heart after one rain.
Beautiful double rainbow after another rain.

Well pups, mom wants to get back out in the garden and get rid of a few more weeds, so I must go supervise her.

I will leave you with a photo mom took of the sunset on Canada Day, which was July 1, just in case you didn't already  know that!
Canada Day Sunset
Hope all my pals are having a pawsome summer!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Liebster Award

Well this is extremely embarrassing and I may just have to fire the typist.  Why is it so hard to get good help these days pups?  Anywhoodle, about 400 years ago, my friend Freckle's gave me a Liebster award.
Liebster Award from Freckles!

This right here is the handsome dude Freckles (please note that was my typist saying the handsome dude thing), Freckles I do think you are pawsome though!
My pawsome pal Freckles!

All righty then, as with any award there are some rules:
1.  Thank the person/fur who nominated you and link back and recognize their blog in your post.
The link to Freckles' blog is above, just click on his name and thank you so much Freckles for the award!

2.  Answer the 10 questions posted by the blogger who nominated you.
I will get to that!

3.  Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.
Hmm, we  nominate anyone reading this blog!  We love you all!

4.  Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
Oh, my!  Ok, we will think about this one or you can answer Freckles' questions because they are very good!

Here are my questions from Freckles to answer:

1. Whats your Nickname?
Mom calls me Buddy Wuddy or her Baboo Boy (I know embarrassing or what?)

2. Do you like your furblings if you have any?
I do not have any furblings but I do love all dogs that I see.

3. What do you do when the phone rings?
Yawn!  I just ignore it as I know it is  not for me!

4. Do you evfur howl?
Yes, I do howl and I howl proudly!  When momma leaves me alone I have been known to howl like a wolf!

5. Do you dream?
Mom says I do.  Sometimes my feet are running and I am yipping in my sleep, so I guess I do dream.

6. Who is your fave unfur in your furmily, your Mom, your Dad, or an unfurbling?( or someone else?)
I love absolutely everyone but I guess mom is my favorite!

7. Did you evfur get in trouble using your teeth?
As a young pup, just after I came to my furever home, I would come up behind mom and nip her on her butt!  Sometimes I left bruises!  I was told this was unacceptable behaviour and I don't do it anymore.

8. Where is your fave place to go to visit?
I like to visit anyplace the peeps take me.  I even like to go to the vet!

9. Are you allowed to run free anywhere?
I do have freedom at home because we have a large space, but mom does try to keep a close eye on me.

10. Do you sleep curled up in a ball, or stretched out?
I like to sleep stretched out and lying on my back.

Thank you Freckles so much for nominating me for the Liebster Award and I am very honored.  I will try to have the typist update my blog a little more regularly. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

Monday, 23 June 2014

I thought I saw ....

So I was taking the momma for her morning walk yesterday morning.  It has been raining so much here lately, and we finally got out between rain showers.  As we are walking in the field near our place I suddenly lurched forward.  Then I sat on mom's foot and let out a low growl.

Mom looked off into the distance to where I was growling and she saw a momma bear and two cubs also out for their morning walk.

We both stood perfectly still and watched them walk into a bunch of trees.  Then we slowly made our way home.

Mom says I was a good boy!

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hey pups!  I finally convinced my typist to take a break from gardening and post some of the pawsome pictures of the birds she has taken lately.

We have been having some weird weather.  For a few nights the temperature was getting down to 1 C and then warming up to 20 C during the day.  Luckily nothing froze in the garden with the temperature getting that low during the night.

So before I let mom get back out in her garden, I insist on going for a walk.  She has been taking her camera along just in case a photo opportunity turns up.

Sometimes you don't have to leave the house, though, in order to find a good photo op!
Cooper's Hawk
Mom looked out the kitchen window one evening and there was this Cooper's Hawk just hanging out near the bird feeder.  A Cooper's Hawk is one of the smaller hawks around here.  We are used to seeing the much bigger hawks, and don't see this one all that much.

The next morning, mom is making coffee and see looks out the kitchen window and sees this fella watching her.
It is always a pleasure to see the Robin's around.  We think there is a nest close by, but so far have not found it. 

Yesterday morning we went on a very nice long walk.  Mom was determined to try and get a picture of the eagle sitting on its nest.
The Eagle sitting on its nest!
We are still not seeing any babies in the nest, but we couldn't get real close as this eagle's mate started dive bombing us and we thought we should retreat.
This Eagle kept an Eagle eye on us!
Well, I must go get ready for my morning walk and then it is another day out in the flowerbeds weeding and stuff.

Have a great day pups!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well it is June and mom is busy trying to plant the garden.  That is nearly done, she just wants some more tomato plants and she is trying to clean the many flower beds.   This is slow going as sometimes the weather does not cooperate with her.

I think she should just take it easy and stop and smell some flowers.
Close enough to a flower for me!

Mom likes trying different things in her garden and this year she is trying to grow okra, celery and tomatillos.
Oh look, the tomatillo has blooms!
Mom was real excited to see the blooms.  I just yawned and thought, whatever.

When she isn't in the garden or the flowerbed we have been going for some nice walks.  The other day I took myself on a walk over to the neighbor's orchard and when I came back I had 5 porcupine quills in my nose.  Luckily mom is handy with the plier, and she pulled them right out.  They weren't in very deep so that was good.

Red Winged Black Bird
We have been seeing lots of these Red Winged Black birds on our walks and we really like listening to them.  They have a very nice song that they sing.
The eagles have been letting us get a little closer to them.

This one didn't even move when we approached!
Mom is hoping to maybe get a picture of the baby eagles some day, but for now we are just trying to get the eagles used to us.

I, of course, am always on the look out for critters and even on my walks I always find something to go after.
You can tell it is spring because my tail is in full bloom, BOL!
When the peeps aren't out working in the yard they are always trying different recipes.  This last weekend they made chorizo sausage and apparently it was quite good.  Of course, I did not get to sample it.
There was this many peppers in the sausage!
Well pups, since summer mean lots of outside time for the typist, I may not be around much, but will pop in when I can.  I hope that all of you are keeping well and wish everyone a safe and happy summer!