Thursday, 28 May 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well spring has finally come to the Great White North and my typist has been out in the yard dealing with the flower beds and getting the garden planted. She has seriously planted enough in the garden to feed all of Canada for sure and maybe some of the bordering States, BOL!  As usual, I have been busy supervising her.
Supervising the typist while lounging in my gazebo!
 The typist likes trying new things in the garden every year and this year she is trying kidney beans, chick peas and collard greens.  Collard greens may not be new to some of you, but up here it is a different crop for sure!
My job as supervisor is never done!  Hey, I could use a little more water in my pool!
 When I am not supervising the planting of the garden I have been doing what I love to do best!

If anyone would like a tunnel dug, please call me!  I work for belly rubs and treats!
Come here Mr. Ground Squirrel, I wanna say hello!

Now digging like this is very exhausting work!

When I am not digging holes I am also keeping an eye on the various birds that have shown up this spring!
Cooper's Hawk
This Cooper's Hawk was just hanging out keeping a watchful eye on a ground squirrel hole that was close to him.  The ground squirrel didn't think to make an appearance, so the hawk left empty beaked!

Female Red Winged Black Bird
Yes, I know.  The female Red Winged Black Bird is neither black nor does she have a red wing!  It is the male of this species that has that awesome coloring and that special trill song.

Male Red Winged Black Bird

He is a very talkative fellow as are all his friends!

American Gold Finch

We have been seeing quite a few of these at the feeder lately.

Rose or Red Breasted Grosbeak
Depending on what book you read, this bird is either called a Rose or Red Breasted Grosbeak.  This is the first time the typist had seen this bird at our feeder and she hasn't seen it since.  Hope it comes back!

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Mallard
Once again we seem to be getting regular daily visits from Mr. and Mrs. Mallard so that probably means that they have a nest close by.  The typist hopes that I don't find the nest!

The typist and I have been going for lots of walks and she has started carrying a lint roller with her on these walks.  Why you might ask?
A sheet from the lint roller with a few unwanted pests!
Now as we are walking and when we come home, she runs the lint roller over her clothes and she usually gets quite a few ticks off that way.  Better on the lint roller than walking on her.

Speaking of those ticks, this year we are using Nexgard as my flea/tick preventative.  It has been amazing!  This is the best product we have ever used to control ticks and we have so many ticks here.  The peeps are still collecting the ticks they do find on me, themselves, wherever and putting them in an old pill bottle.  A couple of those pill bottles have been dropped off at the vet's and the vet was sending them for testing.  Now how do you test a tick?  I don't really know, but apparently they are getting tested for Lyme disease.  Supposedly we don't have the tick that carries the Lyme virus in Saskatchewan yet, but the ticks are being tested just to be sure.

As always we are having some beautiful sunsets.
Beautiful prairie sunset

As we are spending so much time outside, it might be a while before I woof again.  I want to wish each and every one of you a wonderful summer!

Take care all!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Seriously!? or WTF!?

This morning we woke up to a grey and overcast day.  Mom heard on the radio that we were under a "Heavy Snowfall Warning".  Now the wind was cold and it certainly look like we might get some precipitation, but snow!?

Around mid-morning it did start to snow.  It has not let up, and supposedly the greatest accumulation is yet to occur as this should fall overnight. 

I insisted mom take me for my normal evening walk and when she opened the door, this is what she saw!

Kinda nice, don't you think!

Yup, she opened the door and said, "Seriously", well actually she said something else, but I will not allow her to put it here.  Use your imagination, BOL.

Now as for me, well I love snow!

Oh, joy, the snow is back!

Yeah, she told me to stop being so darn happy about the snow.  So then I decided to go check out the river!

I was listening to something over the riverbank

I decided it wasn't worth my while to chase whatever was down there so I kept running in the snow!

High stepping in the snow!

You gotta admit that those Saskatoon bushes behind me look kinda nice with all the snow!

The lookout!

Mom is wondering if anyone would like to come and have a cold one at the look out!  Ok, maybe she should wait a while before inviting anyone over.

Checking out the river.

So what did the peeps do on this snow day today?

Made fresh spring rolls and wonton soup.

Looks yummy doesn't it?  I wouldn't know, I didn't get any!  Rude!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hello out there!

Hello out there!  First off, I must fire my typist as she always seems to have other things to do than keeping up my blog.  Why is it so hard to get good help these days, pups? 

First off I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes left on my last blog entry and to share a pawsome picture that Freckles and growly made just for me.

Thank you so much Freckles and growly for thinking of me on my birthday!

I had a pawsome birthday and even got a birthday cake.  No, I didn't get to eat it all in one piece, but mom gave me a piece every other day for several days!  Yeah me!  I also got a tasty deer rib on my birthday.  Yummo!

After my birthday we went on a road trip to see grammy in her care home.  I got to stay in a motel and had a pawsome time visiting with grammy.  I charmed everyone at the care home and mom was told I would be an excellent therapy dog, BOL.  Apparently they thought I was well behaved!  Mom thinks they were talking about another dog and not me!  I gave grammy lots of kisses and I got lots of belly rubs and compliments.

The weather has warmed up  nicely here and most of the snow is now gone.

The only snow remaining

Mom and I came across this last bit of snow while out for a nice walk.  All of the snow is gone from my yard and now I have lots of mud. 

Have I ever mentioned  how much I like mud?  There is nothing better than digging in mud pups!

Digging in mud!

Now the best part about digging in mud is that I can dig out ground squirrels and burrowing pocket gophers.  Several days ago, mom was out working in the flower beds and I was happily digging away.  I lovingly carried the ground squirrel I had caught to her and gently placed the ground squirrel on her shoulder as she was working away.  Did you pups hear a shriek a few days ago?  That was her!  Geez, after all my hard work, you would think she could at least be a little grateful with my gift!

Now there is a certain technique to use when digging for ground squirrels and I would like to share this short tutorial here.  Please note that mom edited out the best part!  Namely the part where I actually dragged the ground squirrel out of the hole, but I think you will at least get the idea of the technique you should use.


I hope the above video has been somewhat helpful for those that want to try unearthing a critter!

Another close up of my digging technique!

For those that are wondering, my river is indeed totally thawed now and the ferry started running late last week!

My river.  April 2015

Spring means lots of treasures are turning up on the ground as the snow recedes, but my spoil sport mom has been taking these treasures away as I bring them to her attention.  The other day we looked out the kitchen window and saw this:

If only birds fed at the feeder!

Of course, I had to chase that critter far, far away.  Mom was thinking the birds were eating a lot of food, BOL!

Speaking of birds, there are lots of birds that just need to be chased.

Northern Flicker

Now I was happily digging a hole, so didn't see this fella on my yard or I would have chased him.  Next time my friend.

Beautiful spring sunset.  April 2015

This past weekend the peeps and I were invited out to my girlfriend's house and everyone had a lovely time.  Thanks so much everyone for the house concert, the great food and wonderful friendship!

My cute little girl friend!
Isn't she cute?  We really get along well together and had lots of fun that evening!

Now spring means I can do lots of running without sinking in deep snow ........

Running like the wind!
...... but spring also means the return of that indomitable tick!

Tick bottle 2015

The ticks have only been back for about a week and already they are making my life miserable!

Well, pups, I hope I haven't bored anyone and I will try to get the typist to sit down more regularly and keep up with things.  The only reason she isn't outside this morning or running errands is because she isn't feeling all that great.  Clearly I have to make her sick on a regular basis so she will keep up my blog, BOL!

Thanks for stopping by pups!  Until next time!

Enjoying a pawsome spring day.  April 2015

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Buddy!

Buddy, we don't know your exact date of birth, but everything pointed to the beginning of April.  Thus, April 1st marks your 3rd birthday.  You have changed from the scared, sick pup we adopted into a wonderful side kick and companion and I love you.

Buddy, how do I love thee?? Let me count the ways ...

1. I love thee agreeably - enough to put up with the aroma your fur gives off after swimming in the river, or after ditch diving, or being out in the rain, or rolling in something foul that you have come across while on our walk.


Me ditch diving yesterday, March 31, 2015.  Mom says I now need a bath!  Boo, I rather like my smell!

2. I love thee steadfastly - enough to sit with a 65 pound sick pup on my lap all night and then taking you to the vet as soon as it opened.  Enough to pace the floor waiting to hear if you were in liver or kidney failure and enough to worry endlessly after your 6th and final round of medicine was finished  that you might still be sick.  Luckily, we had finally beat that infection into submission.

You seriously had the biggest paws ever for a puppy!

3. I love thee passionately - enough to let you lick me with the same tongue you use for various other atrocities none of which I can possibly repeat here.  Although I wish you would let  me know before kissing me that you have been eating poo again.  Seeing you smile with the remains of said excrement on your teeth and tongue is a bit revolting!

Looking innocent -- BOL, a rarity!

4. I love thee well - despite the amazing odors you produce.  Perhaps your stretching beside the bed in the morning and then letting go with a silent by deadly one is your way of saying you love me?  Perhaps you shouldn't love me so much!?

I sleep so soundly!

5. I love thee deeply - even though you use me as a napkin at every opportunity and I have drool marks on most of my clothes and the windows bear your signature Monet artwork.  You have literally spread dirt, fur, water and drool through every room in the house -- but you have spread a lot of sunshine and love along with it.

Who me?  Do I look like someone that would use you as a napkin, BOL?

6. I love thee madly - despite the occasional carpet clean up needed after you devour some morsel you find outside only to discover it disagrees with you hours later.  However, finding said stomach disagreement by stepping in it first thing in the morning is somewhat, um, revolting!

As if I would eat something that disagrees with me, BOL!

7. I love thee constantly - despite the dog 6:00 a.m. "bladder curfew" wake up call I must now adhere to.
Ah, poor mom being woken up at 6:00 a.m.  Gee, I feel so bad!
 8. I love thee truly - despite the doggie landmines I find outside, or your desire to dig in the garden, flowerbeds etc., or your desire to bring home every piece of carrion you find.  The beaver head was a little much, just saying!  Your landscaping has been rather interesting if I do say so myself!

Another day and another excavation courtesy of me!

9. I love thee absolutely - because you are always ready to be my sidekick when we go for a drive, are always ecstatic to see me and you light up my day.  Ok, mostly when I come home you just kinda lie there, roll over for a belly rub and then decide if you want to follow me or not, but you do light up my day!

Am I not the most adorable thing ever momma?!

10. I love thee gratefully - because you stay by my side and you are my confidant.  Of course, there are those times you take off after some critter, but you are getting much better at returning to my side when I call. 
Proving I am in fact an 82 pound lap dog!

11. I love thee devotedly - more than spotless carpeting, clothing, furniture, floors, walls or vehicles or dog hair free food. 

Sometimes I shed a little bit!
 12. I love thee bravely - enough to battle the indomitable tick. clean your fur after you roll in some digusting and vile thing and tackling the occasional klingon on your behalf.

Bottoms up, mom!
13. I love thee monetarily - enough to put the vet's children through college and probably graduate school and to support whatever leisure activities she may have.

And you love me enough to buy buckets of shampoo, BOL!
 14. I love thee openly - yes, I will bear any embarrassment for your furry sake and goodness knows, your way of sticking your nose where it absolutely does not belong has been embarrassing on more than one occasion.  We don't call you the sphincter inspector for nothing!

I am innocent until proven guilty!

15. I love thee totally - more than free time, excess cash or a predictable life.

Yeah, momma loves me!
 Happy birthday, Buddy boy and many more!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Liebster Award

 Well, would you lookey there!  My absolutely pawsome pal Charlie has nominated me for a Liebster award!  Charlie is one pawsome dude and he lives "Down Under" in Australia.  Please check out his blog by clicking on his name in the first line!  He has the best pictures of his beautiful country and he has some very interesting adventures!  Thanks again Charlie for  nominating me!

As with anything there are rules.  My older than old secretary sometimes doesn't follow the rules very well so please have some patience with her, BOL!  Like Charlie said, "Good help is so hard to find these days"!
The rules go something like this:-
1.  Acknowledge and accept da Liebster Award by leavin a comment on da blog where ya wuz nominated.
2.  Copy and paste da Liebster Award logo onto your own blog.
3.  Link back to da blogger(s) who awarded ya.
4.  Answer 11 questuns posed to you by da person who nominated ya.
5.  List 11 random facts bout yourself.
6.  Nominate and link 3-11 other blogs ya enjoy.
7.  List 11 questuns for your Liebster Award nominees on you blog.
8.  Inform your nominees by leavin a comment on dere blog
Now I think I have done the first three!  Thank you once again, Charlie and I have left a message on her blog.  Please click on Charlie's link in the first sentence to learn more about this fascinating pup!

Now to answer the questions Charlie left for me:

1.  Do you do anything that really annoys your peeps and what is it that you do??
BOL!  Well I do lots of things that annoy the peeps.  I like to stick my cold, wet  nose in mom's face at midnight or some other early time in the morning.  I roll in stinky things that defy all description of vileness.  I dig massive craters in the yard.  I love running through the mud and tracking that into the house.  I don't always come when I am called, but prefer to take a message and get back to the peeps! Oh, so many, many things!
2. Have you ever escaped from your yard and if so where did you go??
Well, we don't have a fenced a yard so I guess I have escaped then!  Last year I took myself on a walkabout without mom knowing where I went!  I came back about 2 hours later and she was frantic.  Dunno where I went, but I was covered in mud and ticks when I came home.  I probably took myself down to the river, but don't tell mom!
3. Have you ever caught a critter and what did you do with it if you did?? Did you eat it??
Have I?  Well most certainly I have!  I just caught a deer mouse the other day and it sure was tasty.  I am an excellent rodent catcher and I try to keep those vermin away from my house.  Of course, my choice of eating these rodents also means I get dewormed monthly!

4. What’s your very favourite food in the whole world and are you allowed to eat it??
I lubs me some cabbage!  Yes, you heard right!  I love cabbage!  Whenever someone gets the cabbage outta the fridge I come and sit beside them and wait until I get a piece of it.  I just love the inner leaves of the cabbage and I do get it quite often.
5.  If you’re a bloke do you cock to pee or do you squat like a Sheila??   
 I squat like a Sheila and is that so bad?  On the other hand, the peeps first dog, Abby, would lift her leg to pee.  Go figure!

6. Do you drink out of the big white bowl in the bathroom?  
 I am not allowed to drink outta the big white bowl in the bathroom but I do have a very nice water bucket that is always kept full me!  Oh, and I like to drink water outta the ditch, or the field, or on the road or where ever!
7. Have you ever had a go at agility, flyball, lure coursing, etc. etc. etc. and how good at it were/are you????
 No, I have never done anything like agility, flyball, etc, but I did take Obedience Classes twice does that count?

8. Have you EVER competed at Westminster, Crufts or the equivalent in your country, or even dreamt about being a competitor at Westminster or Crufts etc.?
I have never competed at any of those competitions, but I think I should!  Don't cha think I'm cute enough to enter in any of those competitions?  I just know I could charm the judges!

9. Has your Mom and Dad ever left you behind while they went away for a holiday. Where did they leave you and how did you greet them when they returned??  
Yup, the peeps went away last summer and they left me at a doggie kennel.  I had so much fun there!  I was so tired when they went to pick me up that I virtually slept, therefore ignoring them, for about 3 days!
10. Is there any peep or other of your own kind that you really hate and why??
I am one of those pups, that absolutely loves everyone!  To me everyone is a friend and I enthusiastically greet everyone!  I also wanna play with every dog that I meet!  I am a lover not a fighter!

11.  Do you get raw meaty bones to eat and if so what kind of bones are your very favourite??
I got a couple of boxes of deer bones from a hunter friend of the peeps and I just love them.  Those are the only meaty bones I have ever had and they sure are tasty.  Does eating critters I caught count in this question?

Now to list 11 random things about me!  Oh my!  This is so hard and I just hope I don't bore anyone.  My apologies to all if I do bore you!

1. I am a rescue from a Northern community in my province.  I am one of the lucky ones that was brought into a rescue and found a loving home.  Many other pups from there are not so lucky.

2. I was very sick for the first several months I was in my furever home, but I am lucky I had peeps that got me the best care.

3. As indicated above, I love everyone!  I will greet everyone with the same enthusiasm and you are automatically my friend.

4. Mom can't decide if I am the laziest or just the most stubborn or, perhaps, a combination of the two, pups she has ever owned.

5. I do not like getting brushed!  That is torture!

6. Also, why do I need my toenails trimmed!?  This is also torture and the only mom can get my toenails cut is by lying on top of me to pin me down and then she proceeds to trim my toenails.

7. I am the greatest landscape designer you have ever met and I dig random craters and tunnels all over the place.

8. I am also a wonder interior decorator.  I achieve my master pieces by tracking mud, dirt, saliva and hair throughout the house.  I make some very precious Monet's on the windows with my nose prints.

9. I will take treats from mom and then "bury" them someplace in my house for safe keeping.

10. I do not like baths and do not understand why bathing in the ditch or river is seen as a bad thing!  I love the stank I get from that water.

11.  I absolutely love to chase birds and do it every chance I can.

Ok, how bored is everyone?  Wake up please!  Hello!  Anyone still out there!

Now I has to nominate someone!  Oh golly!  It looks like almost everyone I know has already gotten this award, so if you are reading this, TAG YOUR IT! 

Like I said, my secretary doesn't always follow the rules, so when it comes to making up new questions, well we like Charlie's so much, so we are gonna use them!

Now to let the nominees know we tagged them.  Well if you haven't already and would like to take part, please let me know in the comments!  

Thanks again Charlie for the nomination and I hope everyone will check out Charlie's blog!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Return of the Great White North

The last week or so has been really  mild and the snow has been melting and things are getting real slushy out there.  As I love mud, this is not a problem!  I am getting tired of having my feet washed everytime I come indoors, however.  Seriously, what is wrong with a little mud tracked inside of one's house?

This weekend we have gotten snow and we are currently under a "Special Weather Statement" because we might get even more snow tomorrow and Wednesday.  Mom thinks this is great because then she will be able to wear these.
New Snowshoes!
Yup, she actually wore out her old snowshoes that Charlie thought looked like tennis rackets on her feet.  You know how much walking one has to do to wear out one's snowshoes?!  But she found these ones recently and is wanting to try them out.
Check out those grips!
Actually, those grips will come in handy because mom kept slipping and sliding on the packed snow with her old snowshoes, so maybe she won't fall as much with these grips now!  I don't see what the problem was with her falling.  I would come rushing to her rescue, usually sitting on either her chest or her back and I would try to lick her face and tell her it was ok.  What is wrong with an 82 pound dog sitting on one's chest anyway?

Mom and I did take a wonderful walk last week when it was so mild.
First we saw this track!
Do you know what that is?  Anybody?

Yeah, neither do we, BOL.  If anyone can tell us what that track is, it would be appreciated!

Then we saw this track
We followed this track for quite a while.  Can anyone guess what it is?

Same track only on snow this time.

Anyone care to gander what that is from?

The makers of the track!
Yes, those Canada Geese were really talkative and I decided it was a good idea to chase after them.
Me after chasing away those geese.

We went walked a little further and then we saw.
Finally got the two eagles together!
This time the eagle's let us get pretty close to them.  Mom thought they were keeping an eye on those Canada Geese and were maybe thinking about lunch!

Checking out the snow in the ditch last week.
 Last week this was about the only snow left.  It looks much different right  now with all the snow we got over the weekend.
Walking on ice in the ditch.
Don't worry pups!  The water in the ditch is not that deep.  In fact, I had been swimming in it the day before this picture was taken.  I was quite upset to see that it frozen over and I couldn't get my feet wet this day.
Turkey Vulture!
Not a great picture of the Turkey Vulture, but we saw this guy watching us one evening and just as mom zoomed in with the camera to get a picture, he decided to fly away.

Beautiful March Sunset
As usual, the sunsets on some nights up here are spectacular.  On this night we even had Northern Lights make an appearance, but the pictures mom tried to get of those did not turn out well.
Can you spot me in this photo?
Another night and another beautiful sunset.
Thanks for stopping by!
Until next time pups!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!