Friday, 22 April 2016

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!  You know how my peeps celebrated Earth Day? 

10 Yards of Soil
They had 10 yards of soil delivered for the garden.  I am hoping to get out there and do some digging in there before it gets all spread around the garden.  There sure are some interesting smells in there.

Mom and I have been bird watching again.

I don't think he/she was happy to see us
Its friend was closely watching us

Mom is thrilled that the eagles are back, but if you ask me, they aren't very friendly!

Mom's friend Flicker
We have been seeing a bunch of Northern Flickers of late and bunch of Black Eyed Juncos.
Black Eyed Junco
Mom was finally able to capture a picture of her elusive Killdeer
The Killdeer.  Always heard but seldom seen.

It also appears that we have a Fisher around our place.  Now Fisher's are members of the weasel family and they are mean.  They are the only creature that will actively seek out and eat a porcupine.  Mom and I have been finding lots of, um, porcupine parts around lately.  Mom thanks the Fisher, whom she has named Carey, get it Carey Fisher, oh, why must she embarrass me so, with all the carnage left behind.   She does wish, however, that Carey, would clean up a little better after him/herself as I also like to find those parts.  Mom would like you to know that stomping on a piece of porcupine while wearing rubber boots will make the quills puncture through the boot.  It is effective, however, in getting said piece away from me.

Mom has started a variety of bedding plants in preparation for the garden.  So far her squashes and tomatoes are starting to germinate and she hopes to be in the garden by late May.  The snow is finally all gone and we are just waiting for it to warm up here.

The only snow left is on the riverbank

We had my daddy's mom visiting us last week and her, mom and dad were really busy in the kitchen.
Looks good guys!

Apparently this is very tasty!  I would not know as I did not get a taste!

Mom's mom, my grammy, is doing much better and finally over her pneumonia.  Unfortunately, her care home once again has several residents ill with the respiratory flu and they are once again under quarantine.  This has been such an awful winter/spring for the flu.  Hoping all residents recover soon from this latest bout of the flu.

Even though we have been looking forward to spring, there is one thing about spring/summer that we do not like.

Sigh, the ticks are back.
 Mom has given me a Nexgard already and that is getting rid of them.  Last year Nexgard was the only thing that worked for me due to the large number of ticks out here.  What does everyone else use for tick prevention in your areas?

Well, I hope you are all doing well and getting some lovely spring type weather.
Spring Sunset

Until next time take care pups!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

It Is Definitely Spring

I am confident in saying that it is now officially spring here.

A few weeks ago our drive looked like this.

We thought this was spring for sure!

But after that picture was taken, it started to snow and snow and snow and then mom didn't take any more pictures, BOL!

Then with Easter coming, the weather did start improving.  My community did a wonderful thing this Easter and they set up an Easter Egg Miracle Tree.  Plastic eggs were sold and the money from the eggs sold will go to the Christmas Miracle program in our community.  This program gives Christmas cheer to those that have suffered a loss in their family, are experiencing ill health, have been laid off, or are just generally having a difficult time.

Easter Egg Miracle Tree

Mom took this picture of the Easter Egg Miracle Tree when it had over 1600 eggs on it.  Just after this more eggs were sold and now there are about 2400 eggs on the tree.  You can read about The Easter Egg Miracle Tree here. 

Daddy's mom came to visit us for Easter and right before her visit, the peeps and her went to a book reading for my Uncle Gerald. 

Uncle Gerald's book display in the bookstore in our city

Yes, Uncle has been writing for a while and this is his first novel.  It officially came out on March 1.  Mom is currently reading the book and is finding it very interesting.  We are proud of Uncle Gerald!

Mom and I have been going for lots of good walks now that the snow is going away.  Yesterday I led the way and took us both on a wonderful walk.  I started walking and eventually I took mom here ..

best place to walk ever........

While mom was considering her situation, I walked a little further ahead and did this ...

Happiness is a mud bath

Yep, mud baths are wonderful and you know, humans pay a lot of money for mud baths! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring so far!  Until next time~

Monday, 7 March 2016

Spring is on the Way!

We really haven't had much of a winter at all this year.  The temperatures have been well above average and we only really had a handful of very cold days when mom insisted I wear my doggie snowsuit outside.

Don't get me wrong, we still have snow ......

Winter is beautiful in all its stark whiteness

Mom and I have even done some snowshoeing.  Well actually it's mom that snowshoes, I just walk along beside her.

Snowshoeing on a beautiful winter day.

We have been seeing lots of birds ......

Chickadee enjoying the suet feeder

Hoary Redpoll

Hairy Woodpecker

This Great Horned Owl was watching mom and I one evening!

Then we saw this group of Whitetailed deer visiting the people across the river!

A sure sign of spring is the return of Canada Geese!
It's Spring!  The Geese are Back!

This was my reaction to the geese....

I could not decide if I should chase them or just watch them, BOL!

Now because it has been so mild, the respiratory flu that was going around never really went away.  It just wasn't cold enough to kill that nasty virus.  If you remember, when the peeps went to visit grammy at Christmas in her care home, they had to gown, mask and glove up as there was an outbreak going around.  Luckily, that time, grammy did not get sick.  Unfortunately there is now another round of respiratory illness going around and this time grammy is sick and currently in quarantine.  Get well soon, grammy, I love you!

I hope you have all had as mild a winter as we have had and I know everyone must be looking forward to spring!

Until next time ....
Nothing more beautiful than a prairie winter sunset!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Today is Ground Hog Day and I have not been following what that rodent predicted!  Does anyone think they will be getting spring soon?  Personally, our winter has been so mild, that it feels like we haven't had winter yet!  But I think I should go and find out what that rodent said.
That about sums it up!
I am trying to remember if I might have accidentally eaten that guy last summer!  BOL!  I joke!  Or am I?!

We have been having very mild temperatures, but there was one weekend where it was cold, even by my standards.
Mom over reacted to the cold!

I hate the snowsuit!  Absolutely hate it and I hope that no one saw me when I went outside that day!

We have had a lot of freezing rain last month and that is very unusual for us.  Mom remembers when it got cold and stayed cold until something like June or July.  Of course, she is older than the hills so she would remember trivia like that!

I have enjoyed many long walks this winter and lots of running in the snow.
Nothing better than a romp in the snow!

With all the freezing rain, we  now have ice under the snow and sometimes mom makes some spectacular falls on the ice.  I help her out by sitting on top of her and licking her!  She says this is not being helpful.
Intently watching the horses next door.
I was having such an awesome run that day and then mom saw me edging toward the neighbor's fence and said, "No, you cannot go over there and eat horse poo today".  So I just sat down and watched them. 

There have been a few evenings where the Northern Lights have been out again, but they have not been as bright so no pictures have been taken.  When they are bright again, mom will try and take more pictures.

I hope each and everyone of you has had a wonderful winter so far.  What do you think?  Is spring 6 weeks away?

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I send good wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to everyone!

We made a tour of sorts this Christmas.  First we were off to see grammy.

Snoozing while going to see grammy

We started early in the morning and made good time getting to where we wanted to go.

The sunrise on a cold winter morning

We saw the most spectacular sunrise and mom tried to capture it on film.

Once we got to grammy's we found that the visiting restrictions were still in place, so I could not go see grammy.  That made me sad, but the peeps got gowned, masked and put on rubber gloves and went to see her.

Fashion accessories courtesy of grammy's care home

We then went and visited with momma's brother and dad's sister, both of whom happen to live in the same city.  The peeps ate lots, I got to play with the nephews, and everyone had a good time.

On returning home we had dad's mom come spend a few days with us.  It was during this time that Mother Nature provided the most amazing fireworks in the sky.

Northern Lights

More Northern Lights

An even more Northern Lights

Just to say she did, mom tried to take a picture of the Big Dipper.

Big Dipper

We are still having unseasonably warm temperatures and my river is still not frozen.  We are getting snow today and supposed to get snow tomorrow and then colder weather is forecasted.  Personally, I am hoping for more snow, so I can have even more fun outside.

Until next time, take care everyone!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Winter is Upon Us

Hey, everyone!  It's me again!  Remember me?!?!

We have been having some very strange weather of late.  Our temperatures have been well above the seasonal normal and even my river isn't frozen over yet.

Closely watching my river.  Shouldn't it be frozen?

I had the pleasure of visiting my grammy earlier this month when her care home was having a Christmas program.

Grammy getting a hug from Santa

We are hoping to visit grammy again at Christmas, but right now her care home has restrictions on visiting as they are experiencing an outbreak of the flu.  There have been no new cases of the flu in the last couple of days, so hopefully the restrictions will be lifted before Christmas.
As per usual, I am loving the winter weather.

Oh my dawg!!! Snow!!! So happy!!

We just came back from a pawsome walk and it is a tad frosty out today.

A little cold today, but finally getting seasonal temps!
Some Christmas decorating has been done.

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care!

Thanks to all the pups that have sent me Christmas cards!  So far, I have lots more than the peeps, BOL!

I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

... And now it is Fall

Hey everyone!  Remember me?  I know!  Long time no woof!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful summer.  I helped mom in the garden, did some patrols of the neighbor's orchard and did some swimming in the river.

Chasing critters in the neighbor's orchard


My summer was plagued by one nasty critter.

We have named him Pepe LePeu

Now one evening I was walking in the neighbor's orchard when I took off after Pepe.  Now Pepe didn't like me chasing him and turned his butt towards me and the next thing I know my eyes are running and I am having troubles breathing.  I go running to mom and mom immediately knows what happened and tries to get the leash on me to take me home.  As we are walking home, I keep stopping and rubbing my face in the grass.  My eyes were running something horrible and they were a bit swollen and I was dry heaving.  I also didn't smell so good, BOL.  Now obviously momma and I were heading home in the same direction that Pepe was going as mom heard something and turned around in time to see Pepe raise his tail and then he sprayed mom.  Now mom didn't smell so good, BOL! 

Now I got one bath out in the garden and then mom had dad come and smell me and he kept asking mom to back up because he really couldn't tell which one of us smelled worse.  So mom took off her clothes and put them in the truck box and there she is standing outside in her boy shorts, sports bra and rubber boots, ah, now that must have been a sight, and she is scrubbing me once again.  As she is scrubbing me, she hears from across the river "Dad, there is a woman across the river washing her dog and all she is wearing is her underwear!"  So mom shouts back, "take a picture!"  Now seriously pups, there is quite a distance from that house across the river, so they obviously were looking through binoculars or something similar.  Had mom been thinking faster she should have shouted, "you really need to put down the binoculars".  But I have digressed now haven't I?!  Hmm, anywhoodle, I got about three baths because of Pepe that day!

I have also visited with my grammy at the care home.  My grammy turned 90 this summer and mom and aunty and I went to visit her.  As mom was walking me through the halls of the care home one day, she hears from somewhere behind "Oh, that's Buddy.  He's everyone favorite dog".  One day I went with mom and grammy to grammy's exercise class in the morning.  A gentlemen came into the exercise room.  He had recently had a stroke and had not smiled since his stroke.  He slowly maneuvered his wheel chair over to where I was sitting with mom.  At that moment his wife came to visit him and mom saw her put her hand to her mouth and it looked like she was crying.  Mom looks over at me, and this gentleman was holding my head between his hands and he was slowly caressing my head and I was looking so happy.  So was he and he had a very broad smile on his face!  Another time I went and said hello to a lady that had also had a stroke.  I went and nuzzled her as she sat in her wheelchair and she slowly moves her hand over to caress me.  I guess you could call me a quasi-therapy dog!

We have had an awesome fall and the farmers have enjoyed the warm weather which has enabled them to get their crops harvested.

Watching the neighbor's harvest

Four combines, 1 semi grain truck and 80 acres harvested in one hour!  This is how we do things in the Great White North.

Now that it is fall, hunting season has started and these signs are going up.  Obviously I know how to read, as I was running through the field and then I stopped and sat beside this sign and refused to move. 

Mom's eagle is still here

A lot of our birds have left already this fall, but mom was happy to see that her eagle is still hanging around.  We had a tiny bit of snow yesterday, but nothing appreciable and personally, I am looking forward to snow and winter.  How about you!?

I hope all of my pals have had a pawsome summer and fall and are now ready for winter. 

Take care